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Eka Peradze


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« "It makes me happy that my art reaches so many people in the world! Art is what connects us all." »

Eka has been painting since childhood. She has had and continues to have many exhibitions around the world and receives many invitations from galleries worldwide. She has between 15 and 20 planned exhibitions per year. For example, she had an exhibition for SOS Children's Village to raise funds. Many of her works have been featured in various newspapers and magazines and have won several awards. So far, she has sold more than 5,000 paintings worldwide and many are in private collections of famous people.


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Eka Peradze Art is a small but fine art shop that specializes in offering high-quality and unique paintings. Our works are created with love and dedication by talented artists who draw their inspiration from nature, culture and everyday life. We believe that art should not only be an aesthetic experience, but can also evoke emotions and tell stories. Our online shop offers you an easy and convenient way to discover and purchase our works of art. We attach great importance to customer satisfaction and therefore offer a comprehensive delivery service that ensures that your order arrives safely and on time. At Eka Peradze Art, we focus on quality and exclusivity. Each of our paintings is unique and comes with a certificate of authenticity. We are proud to share our passion for art with you and hope that you will find the perfect work of art for your home in our shop.

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